The optimized CCM Skills Camp is made up of four sessions:

Our goal is to teach young players how to develop and maintain the physical and mental strength that is needed to perform in the sport of hockey. The CCM Skills Camp not only delivers an unrivaled educational program, but first and foremost an unforgettable CCM brand experience that will be the highlight of each player’s summer!


For a second year in a row, the CCM Skills Camp On-Ice training portion is the longest activity of the day. It is designed to test participants speed, agility, and skill.

  • From power skating to testing the power of their shot, our elite level coaches will have players complete various drills and stations designed to help them improve in different aspects of the game.
  • Goalies will be taken aside to receive 1-on-1 coaching by our certified goalie coaches.
  • Participants will then be put to the ultimate test by demonstrating the skills and techniques learned in practice, by taking part in a simulated game.


The new and improved strength and conditioning segment, will feature a workout plan that will have participants taking part in different workouts and completing different challenges that will directly translate to their on-ice performance.

  • Participants will do drills and workouts that they can continue to practice at home just like the pro's, each participants will be provided a take-home training plan.
  • There will also be a focus on the other side of off-ice training: lifestyle and mental prep and how it relates to performance in hockey.

shooting and stick handling session

During the shooting and stick handling session, participants will be split into two groups.

  • One group will test their stick handling skills using the new CCM Skills App.
  • The other will be coached on proper shooting techniques by one of our elite level coaches.
  • Once each group completes the stick handling and shooting tutorials, it’s time to have a little fun and take part in a ball hockey scrimmage.

Get Ready for the CCM Skills Camp by downloading the CCM Skills App! Available for free download in the App Store and on Google Play.


The CCM Technology/Product Knowledge session is an exciting new seminar for the CCM Skills Camp!

  • Participants will be introduced to the latest CCM technologies, including Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, which is being introduced to give players a new and engaging way to interact with pros and product.
  • We will also be showing players how CCM fits pro players, including our new 3D Fit Scanner experience demo
  • The participants will be properly sized by CCM’s reps and given a quick tutorial on the different features each product has to offer.

Bonus: Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend this session.